where are they now tmz cast

Where Are They Now TMZ Cast

Are you curious about what happened to the cast of TMZ? As one of the most popular celebrity news and gossip websites, TMZ has had a cast of personalities who brought their unique flair to the show. In this blog post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and explore where the former cast members of TMZ are now, and what they’ve been up to since their time on the show.

The Origins of TMZ: A Look Back at the Original Cast

TMZ, the celebrity news and gossip outlet, was founded in 2005 by Harvey Levin, a former lawyer and legal reporter. The original cast of TMZ consisted of Levin himself as the founder and managing editor, along with a team of reporters, writers, and producers who were responsible for covering and breaking celebrity news stories.

The original cast members were known for their distinctive on-air personalities and unique reporting style, which combined entertainment news with legal insights and gossip.

Catching Up with Former TMZ Cast Members: Their Current Endeavors

Over the years, several cast members of TMZ have come and gone, moving on to other endeavors or pursuing different career paths. Some former cast members have continued to work in the media and entertainment industry, while others have ventured into different fields.

For example, some former TMZ cast members have gone on to become successful media personalities, hosting their own TV shows, launching their own podcasts, or working as commentators on other news programs. Others have transitioned into other areas of media production, such as producing or directing, while some have pursued careers in law, business, or other fields.

Behind the Scenes of TMZ: Insights into the Lives of Past Cast Members

While TMZ is known for its front-facing cast members who appear on camera, there is often much more going on behind the scenes. Former TMZ cast members have shared insights into their experiences working for the outlet, including the challenges and rewards of covering celebrity news, the fast-paced nature of the industry, and the demands of working in a high-profile media organization.

They have also provided glimpses into their personal lives, sharing anecdotes and stories about their time at TMZ, the friendships and rivalries among cast members, and the dynamics of working in a newsroom setting.

TMZ Cast Reunions: What Have the Former Members Been Up To?

TMZ cast reunions have occasionally taken place, whether in the form of on-air reunions or through social media interactions among former cast members. These reunions provide an opportunity for fans and followers of TMZ to catch up with the original cast members and see what they have been up to since leaving the show.

It can be interesting to see how former cast members have evolved in their careers, personal lives, and public personas, and to hear their perspectives on their time at TMZ and how it has shaped their subsequent endeavors.

Remembering the Legacy of Past TMZ Cast Members

The original cast members of TMZ have left a lasting legacy in the world of celebrity news and gossip. They played a significant role in the establishment and success of TMZ as a pioneering outlet that transformed the landscape of entertainment news reporting.

Their distinctive personalities, unique reporting style, and insights into the legal aspects of celebrity news coverage have left a mark on the industry and continue to be remembered by fans and followers of TMZ.

While their careers may have taken different paths after leaving TMZ, their contributions to the outlet’s success and influence on celebrity news reporting are still recognized and appreciated by those who follow the media and entertainment industry.


From their early days on TMZ to their current endeavors, the former cast members of the show have had varied and interesting paths. Whether they continued their careers in the entertainment industry or ventured into other fields, the TMZ cast members have made their mark. As fans of the show, it’s fascinating to see where they are now and what they’re up to!